About Us

MRA:  A foundation dedicated to the cultural heritage of Hungary


The Hungarian Renaissance Foundation for Built Heritage (MRA) was founded in 2007.  It is a new type of foundation for Hungary but based on a successful model of Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) found elsewhere in Europe.  Its aim is to ensure Hungary’s national heritage is preserved and makes an effective contribution to the economic and cultural development of the country.

Hungary is facing challenging times.  It is centrally placed in Europe for trade and tourism, but investment is a competitive market in which cultural identity usually is a low priority.  Yet the historic places, buildings and landscape are valuable assets which contribute to the quality of life for communities, visitors and investors in Hungary.

MRA develops activities and projects across Hungary that demonstrates these values.  It has a Board experienced in heritage, business and education, led by a Director of one of the most successful NGOs of this type in the UK.  MRA works in partnership with private owners, institutes, municipalities and other public bodies, other NGOs and community groups.  It does so by using independent professional skills in the public interest, through conservation, regeneration and community activities.  For example, recording the distinctive character of places so that this should be respected and inform new development; feasibility studies to show how historic property can find viable new uses, and helping raise funds and support to do demonstration projects; providing the training necessary for professionals and craftsmen to maintain historic places; organising activities that help communities to celebrate Hungary’s cultural heritage.

We are committed to working at all levels, from national state agencies to local groups, from the heart of Budapest to rural villages, abandoned historic castles to vital craft traditions.  We represent Hungary in the international cultural heritage world, sharing expertise with other countries through international co-operation.  We can raise funds and provide support for those who share our values and work with us.  If this is of interest, please contact us.