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MRA is governed by the Kuratórium:


Graham Bell  BA(Hons) BArch(Hons) RIBA FRSA

Graham BellMRA has been established on the model of a successful NGO in the UK, the North of England Civic Trust (NECT), of which Graham Bell has been the Director since 1995.  He now spends time in the UK and Hungary developing both organisations and sharing the skills, experiences and opportunities each has to offer within the cultural context of Europe.

It was through Common Purpose that in 1992 Graham began his professional involvement with Hungary. Common Purpose is a leadership programme committed to developing a civil society through understanding and mutual respect.  Hungary now has its own Common Purpose programme. Applying these experiences as a ‘principled practitioner’ helped establish a reputation for NECT as one of the leading NGOs in its field in the UK and was the motivation for creating MRA.

A chartered architect with 25 years experience before joining NECT and setting up MRA, Graham is a respected adviser on conservation management and economic development of historic areas.  He is an advocate of ‘considerate development’, applying the principles of sustainability and working with communities, but is also a champion for excellence in design, especially when intervening in historic settings.

As a member of the National Trust’s Architectural Panel, he has advised on design implications for projects around the UK, including in World Heritage Sites and National Parks.  He is an active supporter of the International National Trusts Organisation, helping through international exchange programmes.  He is a regular conference contributor on cultural heritage management in the UK, set up a course at Academia Metropolitana Nova in Slovakia, and is a tutor at the Institute of Social and European Studies (ISES) in Kőszeg where he also has set up an e-Learning course.

His interest in European cultural heritage has involved hosting placements and joining a British Council delegation to Moscow to coincide with the Queen’s State Visit.  Graham has a long-standing association with Europa Nostra, serving on Council and as Secretary of Europa Nostra UK.  Graham is a member of ICOMOS Hungary.

Attila Vámos-Hegyi

Attila Vamos HegyiAttila Vámos-Hegyi co-founded MRA because his professional and personal background has given him a particular regard for Hungary’s cultural heritage.  His grandfather was an engineer and as a specialist was working on the Gellért Hotel & Spa, the KOKI building, old shop windows and other important civil projects. Inspired by this, Attila trained and worked as an architect on projects throughout Hungary and beyond before re-directing his creative skills to being part of what has become one of the most dynamic enterprises in Hungary: telecommunications.

Attila was Head of the Interactive Mobile Services Department at Magyar Telekom Plc., the market leader in Hungarian integrated landline–mobile–online telecommunications. He was responsible for the Third Party (Wholesale) Business of the company contracting all major aggregators and content providers. He was closely involved in launching innovative products and services in response to Hungary’s rapidly growing mobile telephone markets. He got the Telekom Award before he retired in 2011.

Attila has been a Board Member of the Hungarian Direct and Interactive Marketing Association since 1997, being Deputy Chairman from 2000 and is currently Chairman. He was either President or member of the Programme Committees of annual DM events (e.g. Golden Dove) and delivered presentations for Hungarian and International conferences.

He has been a lecturer at the College of International Management (Budapest Business School) and at the Budapest Communication College since 2000.  He received his first degree from the Technical University of Budapest and post-graduated at the College of Foreign Trade (Business Administration) afterwards.

Anikó Korenchy-Misz

Anikó Korenchy MiszAnikó Korenchy-Misz graduated at the Teacher Training College of Budapest with a Diploma of Teaching English and Hungarian. Through her various jobs at several language schools, Gelléri Andor Endre Primary School and at Peace Corps/Hungary, she has gained experience in teaching both children and adults.  During her time at Peace Corps, she started to explore the potential of museums in education as well as the differences between UK and Hungarian museums.  To be able to further analyze the topic, as well as provide assistance to Hungarian museums in the form of training and useful professional materials, she set up the Foundation for Museums and Visitors, Hungary, in 2004.  Since then, as the director of the Foundation, she has organized many conferences and training events for museum professionals, translated and edited the Hungarian version of ‘Learning from Objects and Learning from Memorials’, organized staff exchanges between the UK and Hungary, as well as other international projects.  The Foundation has won several successful bids, and is currently participating in various EU museum projects.