European Heritage Days

kon2014kon logo1European Heritage Days is believed to be the largest volunteer cultural heritage event in Europe.  Over 50 countries participate every year when, in September, historic properties and sites that are normally private, open to the public free of charge.  It is an extraordinary success.  In Hungary, that success has been achieved by the National Office for Cultural Heritage which has run the European Heritage Days in Hungary - Kulturális Örökség Napjai (KÖN) for many years.  The programme is quite extensive and varied, covering the whole country and a wide range of sites, guided tours and events.

The programmes and walks organised for the KÖN-weekend cover the whole territory of Hungary and the range of different building-types and sites open this weekend is also extremely wide.

In 2012, MRA entered into a co-operation agreement with the National Office of Cultural Heritage in the framework of which agreement, MRA has contributed to the development of the event's marketing strategy. One way of MRA's contribution was securing sponsorship publicity by Metropol daily paper, which took the role of media supporter of the event. The publicity Metropol offered (available in 89 towns in Hungary) ensured that a wider range of people get to know about KÖN. (For viewing one of the articles published about KÖN in Metropol, click here.)

Though much is known about the participating properties, less is known about who visits them – the public. Therefore MRA decided to work together with the association 'Tájak-Korok-Múzeumok Egyesület' (TKME) and its volunteers to survey a sample of visitors to understand where they had come from, what interested them and why.  Upon issuing the survey, MRA followed the example of other European countries. (For viewing the Report of the English Heritage Open Days, containing visitor data, click here.) 

kon2013 bannerThe analysis of MRA-TKME will help develop marketing and improve the experience for visitors in future programmes. For viewing the questionnaire used for producing the visitor survey, click here.

facebook-logoIn 2013, the programme was co-ordinated by the three successor organisations of the National Office for Cultural Heritage. The central theme of the event was 'Houses of Water'. The co-operation of Magyar Reneszánsz Alapítvány and the European Heritage Days / KÖN continued in 2013, as well. MRA was the Administrator of the Facebook page of Kulturális Örökség Napjai.

In 2014, the central theme of the event is His-turizmus. This year, the organizers aim to present buildings of the age of Historicism, those related to WWI and the Holocaust.


koh-kon-2014 a2plakat final  A 2013-mas évi plakát