MRA-SAVE Heroic Survivors Revisited

The Hungarian Renaissance Foundation (MRA) and Save Europe’s Heritage are currently working to update a report. In order to accomplish the task, MRA is trying to find enthusiastic volunteers to support the project.

sehSAVE Europe's Heritage is a sister-organisation of SAVE Britain's Heritage and was founded in 1995. Latter organisation has been campaigning since is foundation (1975) to save the built environment, historic buildings such as country houses, redundant churches, disused mills and warehouses, blighted streets and neighbourhoods, cottages. Its members are journalists, historians, architects, and planners. SAVE Europe's Heritage has been publishing a series of reports on endangered historic houses in different regoins and countries of Europe.

SAVE Heroic Survivors Report 1999 1Part of this series was the Report entitled Heroic Survivors-Hungarian Castles and Country Houses/Dicsőséges Túlélők-Magyarországi kastélyok és kúriák by Marcus Binney, from SAVE Europe's Heritage featuring 36 Hungarian castles and country houses. The houses included in the report are in Northern Hungary, both East and West from Budapest.

MRA-SAVE Heroic Survivors Revisited 2

The updated Report will include 16 sites of the original record - castles, country houses and a castle complex, the following ones:SAVE-MRA km 2014helyszinek 1 

MRA-SAVE Heroic Survivors Revisited map redMRA and SAVE will provide free downloads of the updated Report on their websites.


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Flier (PDF)