'Adopt 1 m² of a fresco!'- Fundraising year at Abaújvár

The location of Abaujvar modThe fundraising year initiated by the Calvinist congregation at Abaújvár was launched at 4 August 2013. In the framework of the campaign, the priests of the congregation are looking for financial support from sponsors to help cover the cost of uncovering and restoring the frescos lurking behind some layers of limewash on many of the walls in the Calvinist church of Abaújvár built at the turn of the 13th and 14th century. The total size of the frescos is 520 m². Adopting one m² of the fresco costs 200.000 Hungarian Forints. The estimated cost of the restoration of the entire fresco is more than 100 million Forints.
The wall paintings could have been rendered in the 1580s, when the inhabitants of the village  became Protestant. It was in 1807 when they first rediscovered the medieval decorations during an extensive renovation of the church. In 1912, wallpaintings were found in the sanctuary and in 1966, different ones were uncovered in the nave. The following images are depicted:

  • The legend of Saint Martin
  • A men’s head, or, according to art historian Radocsay, Saint Ladislaus' head
  • The legend of Saint Bartholomew
  • Scene of Introduction-Jesus in the church

In 2008, during an archeological excavation, the nearly 600-year old grave of Péter Perényi, the builder of the church was discovered, consequently the value of the church increased. The author of the art historical study of the church, Lilla Deklava Farbaky summarized the significance of the church’s frescos.

The significance of the wall paintings of the Calvinist Church at Abaujvar mod

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